Inscriptions from PA.Phil.UP.UM

The Penn Museum, formerly known as The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, holds a large collection of ancient artifacts from the Greco-Roman world, including a number of Greek inscriptions on stone and many vases and sherds with texts painted in Greek. The Latin inscriptions on stone, though fewer in number, include a handsome series of inscribed marble amphorae deposited as dedicatory offerings at the sanctuary of Diana Nemorensis at Lake Nemi south of Rome. A rather more extensive collection of instrumentum inscribed in Latin comprises forty-seven amphora handles and pottery fragments from Monte Testaccio in Rome (and one from elsewhere), nine stamped architectural terracottas, three Roman brickstamps, one stamped pottery bowl, one pottery sherd from Orvieto, and a bronze strigil. In total the number of inscribed artifacts from the classical Mediterranean world comes to over 175, including several objects inscribed in Etruscan. Far better represented in the Museum's extensive holdings are inscriptions carved in Egyptian hieroglyphs (more than 1800), Akkadian scripts (more than 600), and Sumerian languages (some 185).

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