Inscriptions from NY.Pough.VC

Immured in a classroom in Avery Hall at Vassar College are six Latin inscriptions donated to the college by Elizabeth Hazelton Haight, a loyal alumna and Professor of Latin at Vassar for most of her life and much of this century. Miss Haight, who owned and regularly visited an apartment on the Esquiline hill in Rome, founded the Vassar Classical Museum and personally furnished it with many of its artifacts, several of which she must have purchased in Rome during the first decades of this century (see further on Haight, D. Lateiner, CW 90 [1996-97] 153-66).

In addition to the stones in Avery Hall, the Loeb Art Center at Vassar owns the front panel of a Roman child's sarcophagus inscribed with an epitaph and a cylindrical bronze cista from Praeneste with figure labels accompanying two mythological scenes etched around the sides. Only the last has been published.

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