Inscriptions from NJ.Princ.PU.Class

The Department of Classics at Princeton University owns a small collection of thirteen inscriptions on stone (four Greek and nine Latin), of which eleven are published. Most of the stones are stored on the top of bookshelves around a departmental seminar room in East Pyne Hall, along with a dozen plaster casts of Greek inscriptions and two casts taken from the archaic cippus beneath the Lapis Niger in the Roman Forum, which were a gift of the Italian government in 1935 (a cast of all five sides of the monument is at Harvard: see MA.Camb.HU.Sack). One of the Latin stones is currently displayed on a window sill in the Graphic Arts room of Firestone Library. In addition to the stones and casts mentioned above, the seminar room in East Pyne houses an excellent collection of some three hundred Greek and Latin squeezes (about half in each language), taken mostly from stones in Rome and Athens. These were once part of the university's (now dismantled) Epigraphical Museum, which was founded in the 1930s by Professor William Kelly Prentice (on whom see Briggs 509-10). In 1951 Prentice revised an earlier survey of all the stones owned by Princeton University in an unpublished Catalogue of the Epigraphical Collection in the University Library, which can be consulted in typescript in the Rare Books room in Firestone Library.

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