Inscriptions from MO.Col.UM.MAA

The Museum of Art and Archaeology at the University of Missouri at Columbia houses a large collection of antiquities, among which are five inscriptions on stone, a half dozen stamps or signatures on metal objects, and a selection of some fifty fragments of stamped clay products (mainly amphora handles) illustrative of Roman daily life. In addition to the items listed below, the classical holdings include a few sling bullets and lead weights inscribed in Greek; a number of stamped amphora handles from Tel Anafa in Israel, all published by S. Herbert, in Tel Anafa I, i (Ann Arbor 1994) 189-231; a bimetallic medallion of the Roman emperors Trebonianus Gallus and Volusian (aa. 251-253), published by A. Benjamin, Muse 2 (1968) 21-24; a gold medallion of the emperor Constantius II (ca. 340), published by J.C. Biers, Muse 23/4 (1989-90) 87-88, fig. 4 (ph); and a series of clay molds for Roman bronze folles of the emperor Galerius minted between the years 305 and 311 at Cyzicus (MO.Col.UM.MAA.L.70.331), Antioch (70.332), and Alexandria (eight varieties: 70.333-340).

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