Inscriptions from MI.Detr.DIA

The Detroit Institute of Arts possesses a small collection of inscribed antiquities acquired by purchase and gift mainly during this century. Among the Latin inscriptions are three funerary altars, an ash urn, and a cippus (all with sculpted reliefs), eight lamps, and a small selection of stamped Arretine and Gallic ware, of which one specimen appears to present a new variant of a well known stamp. The Greek collection includes four terracotta lamps of the Roman and Christian period with short inscriptions, a Panathenaic prize amphora (Beazley, ABV, Oxford 1956, 412 no.3), a fragment of a mosaic floor with the label "Tigris" from Seleukeia Peiria in Syria (Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts 20, 1940, no.2), and a bronze lamp of the Christian period.

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