Inscriptions from KS.Lawr.UK

In 1909 the Department of Latin and Greek of the University of Kansas came into a sizable collection of Roman antiquities sold by the Italian government in order to raise money for the survivors of the earthquake at Messina and purchased for the University by Ralph V.D. Magoffin. Among the objects were nine inscriptions on stone, eight in Latin and one in Greek, and a fragment of brick bearing a Roman brickstamp. One of the inscriptions had been included by Chr. Hxxlsen in CIL VI among the tituli sepulcrales of Rome; another was published by Magoffin in AJA 14 (1910) 53. All of the texts were subsequently edited by L. R. Lind in AJA 59 (1955) 159-62. Although the provenance of only two of the pieces--those published by Hxxlsen and Magoffin--is reported (in one case, with conflicting testimony), all the inscriptions may be presumed to have been acquired, and probably to have originated, in Rome. In all likelihood most of the columbarium tablets came from the vast cemetery outside the Porta Salaria being uncovered for the first time around the turn of the century.

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