Inscriptions from CA.Berk.UC.HMA

Formerly the R.H. Lowie Museum, the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology in Berkeley has an extensive collection of ancient Greek vases and some sculpture. It also includes sixteen Latin epitaphs on stone, two Greek gravestones, an epigram painted in Greek on plaster, a marble statuette with a Latin inscription, and one lead water pipe, one fragment of brick, and two Roman lamps stamped with Roman names. All but one have been published. Most of the pieces were purchased for the Museum in Rome by Dr. Alfred Emerson on behalf of Mrs. Hearst during a two or three year period around the turn of the century and were shipped to Berkeley in 1902. Three others (CA.Berk.UC.HMA.#97.3.1-3), once the personal property of Professor A.E. Gordon, were given to him around 1945 by a colleague at the University of California, Berkeley who reportedly purchased them (in one case, at least, sometime after 1913) from antiquities dealers in Rome. These pieces are presumed still to be in the Hearst Museum at Berkeley. Where not otherwise indicated, all the objects seem to have been acquired in Rome and may be presumed to have originated there.

The Greek collection received a handsome publication in 1982 by J. Nickel, A. Harlow, and A. Stewart entitled Poseidon's Realm, Ancient Greek Art from the Lowie Museum of Anthropology, Berkeley (Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento). The inscriptions have been edited separately by R. J. Smutny, Greek and Latin Inscriptions at Berkeley, California Classical Studies 2 (Berkeley 1966). The summary recorded in the Checklist is based exclusively on these publications and on two records of objects bearing inscriptions and mythological scenes supplied by the American office of the Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae.

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